favicon Our new identity marks 8o years of professional work experience in the field of real estate. It embodies the the technical and engineering dimensions of our philosophy in real estate work as a leading national company holding responsibilities and obligations towards the people of our community.

favicon Based on this principal, we have ensured the marking of our new identity with what agrees with current time. This, in turn, emphasizes the achieve-ment of our goals ttowards effective development participation aimed at self-development.

favicon The new art form of our logo design reflects the nature of our job as a family real estate company, embodying two dimensions, one horizontal and one vertical where the horizontal symbolizes to developing real estate land while the other one symbolizes urban development. As for the three golden columns, they emphasize the strength of our mission and the depth of our progressive vision that work on developing our experiences and expanding the breadth of our prospects.

favicon As for the colours chosen, they are two main colours, blue and golden. Blue is a symbol of leadership while gold symbolizes sophistication, poise and the milestones and the company’s professional value, as is reflected in the company’s products, solutions, and real estate services that are of distinct and high quality.

favicon All of these dimensions are united in a geometric formation that embodies our new motto including all the features of our professional values that we have built together over 80 years of hard and distinguished real estate work.