We Start Off To Carry on … And Carry On To Be Up To The Mark …

favicon Like all beginnings and like all success stories, the journey began step by step and the building was built brick by brick. With the major development take off whose foundation stone was laid by the late King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, may God rest his soul, and with the ensuing enormous oil boom whose positive impact swept across the country, God foreordained founding father Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Saedan to work in the real estate sector.

favicon This was at a time in which property trade in Riyadh city started to experience growing demand due to the successive waves of immigration to the city in the early days of its development. Thankfully, the founding father achieved many real estate successes at the time since he possessed a knack for real estate business, sound vision, great self-confidence and absolute support from his sons. All of that enabled him to make active contribution to the development of the real estate contributions system in a manner that facilitated for many citizens to participate in the system and realize lucrative products. In addition to that, we contributed to the establishment of the concept of real estate installment sales for the first time in the kingdom. This was made possible by a number of selling facilitation introduced by the company to the customers to encourage them to make the most out of its outstanding real estate products.

favicon Today, the services provided by the company include real estate development and marketing services locally and across the Arab world. The company services also include real estate consultancy provided during real estate and property sales either for the company or for third parties. The auspicious inception of the company before nearly 80 years wouldn’t carry on to this day were it not for that motivating spirit that inhabited us both fathers and sons, taking us to wider horizons of excellence and success. At Al Saedan Real Estate, we started off to carry-on and carry-on to step up to the mark.