CEO’s speech

Accomplishment comes as a result of accumulated experience and plans, and here in Al Saeedan Real Estate Company we have reached a high level and gained our customers confidence. Based on our long history, we offer our clients and our community innovative real estate products and services that meet their needs with a competitive prices through institutional work and qualified staff in the context of balanced strategic partnerships with our full commitment to Islamic values and principles.

Our Values

  • Collective teamwork.
  • Upgrading the professional real estate work in the Kingdom
  • Commitment to institutional systems, policies and procedures.
  • Commitment to self and collective development of competencies.
  • Respect our clients
  • Commitment to credibility and honesty in work.

Our business aims to be the preferred strategic partner who provide innovative real estate solutions that meet the needs of the community and customers locally and internationally. Our certainty on the policy of credibility, honesty and respect with our partners. We meet all their requirements and seek to create a transparency environment from the principle of respect and appreciation.

This policy didn’t only exist because of the company’s large potential and confidence in their capabilities and employees, But also in terms of the great experience that led by my father Mr. Ibrahim bin Saidan may God bless him. We learned from him the basic lesson in this area, and from there we proceeded to continue the journey.

A long history of experience that confirms our confidence in every step we take. The existence of the company’s professional rules of conduct refers to the sincerely work and honesty in dealing and reflect professional conduct policy of the company’s commitment to exercise all of its activities from that standpoint.  “Experience, ability, credibility and transparency, and guarantee the customer that he won with us in all cases – Grace of God Almighty.