Within the journey of life, the footsteps of seekers in its tracks are decided. Of those seekers, it would be a tracks for a scientist, doctor, engineer, professor and merchant.. So God wrote the glory to be only for those of sound visions and solid determination who are the makers of civilization and builders of its corners. God destined to construct the earth by the hands of those of sound visions, to get life and human settled on the planet.

favicon As is always beginnings are small, and as is the planting starts with a single seed, here is the day  to pick, by the efforts of Al-Saedan Real Estate Company, the ripe of our blessed fruits. Yes it is time to harvest the fruits of our efforts.
Yes, Al-Saedan Real Estate Company has managed, since the formal declaration of its established in 1934, to reinforce its position as a leading real estate pole contributed and still in the activation of urban development witnessed in our country under the rule of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz, and his crown Prince and the faithful sons of this generous country, allowing the company over time to become an integral part of the comprehensive urban renaissance witnessed by our country today.

favicon Based on our accumulated experiences in the real estate business, since 1934, and with the persistent proud of our effective contributions in shaping the urban reconstruction scene experienced by our Kingdom today, and from the standpoint of our confirmed will for our presence and continuity of our evolution, according to a scientific method with a solid foundation styled in line with our visions for the present and future.

favicon The Company’s Board of Directors declares, on the blessing of Almighty God, launching of  the new identity of our company in conjunction with our transition to the company headquarters in Al-Nakheel quarter on the King Fahd road, preceding so the march of our parents and obliging ourselves a commitment based upon trust and respect, extending to development and innovation for a better tomorrow full of more achievements and innovative real estate solutions best placed to understand and meet the aspirations of our customers wherever they are on the ground of this glorious homeland.

favicon This qualitative leap in the history of our company will be kept up with many variables to cope the spirit of the current era whether on human, technical level or at the level of our products, services and our offered real estate solutions to cope with the wishes and expectations of our customers to obtain a real estate product of the highest quality and perfection.

favicon Al-Saedan Real Estate Company announces today its launch to renew the commitment to continue its efforts by the mobilizing its power and to harness all its potential to ensure the continuity of such distinct and evolved real estate edifice, of which we are all proud of belonging to it.

favicon On my own behalf and on behalf of all employees of the company, it is a pleasure for me through the pages of this booklet to invite you to overview the most prominent features and elements of our new identity. I am very pleased to  review with you a number of our company’s achievements of which we are proud today for becoming a direct cause to consolidate our relationship with you always asking The Almighty God to help and guide us and you, and praise be to for ALLAH at all time.

Ibrahim Muhammad Bin Saedan
Chairman of the Board